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Rowan Morar


Message From Principal

A Heartfelt Message from the Principal: A Journey of Heart and Hope at infixEDU School Dear Cherished Students, Esteemed Faculty, Supportive Parents, and Distinguished Guests, Today, I stand before you with a heart brimming with pride, gratitude, and a touch of nostalgia. As the Principal of infixEDU School, I find myself overcome with emotion as we embark on yet another chapter of our collective journey. A Tapestry of Dreams: InfixEDU is not just a school; it is a canvas where dreams are painted, aspirations take flight, and the threads of our stories are woven together. Each student, a unique hue in the vibrant tapestry of our educational community. Shared Stories, Shared Emotions: In the hallowed halls of infixEDU, we don't just teach subjects; we share stories of triumphs, challenges, laughter, and growth. Our emotional bonds transcend the mere exchange of knowledge; they reflect the tapestry of emotions that make us human. Teachers as Mentors, Guides, and Guardians: To our dedicated faculty, you are not just educators; you are mentors, guides, and the pillars of support for our students. Your emotional investment in their success is what sets infixEDU apart, creating an atmosphere of trust, understanding, and unwavering encouragement. The Heartbeat of Our Community: Parents, you are the heartbeat of our school community. Your unwavering support, late-night study sessions, and the shared triumphs and challenges have created a bond that goes beyond the classroom. Our connection is deeply emotional, as we collectively nurture the growth and development of your precious ones. A Symphony of Learning and Love: This academic year, let us continue to build on the symphony of learning and love that defines infixEDU School. Let every note be infused with passion, every achievement celebrated with genuine joy, and every setback met with empathy and encouragement. A Promise of Hope: As we navigate the complexities of the educational journey ahead, let us remember that infixEDU is not just a place of learning; it is a sanctuary of hope. Hope for a brighter future, for boundless possibilities, and for the resilience that emerges from facing life's challenges together. In Closing: With a heart full of emotion and hope, I welcome each one of you to a new academic year at infixEDU School. May it be a year of emotional connections, profound growth, and cherished memories that linger for a lifetime. Thank you for being an integral part of our emotional odyssey. Here's to a year of shared tears, laughter, and the beautiful mosaic of emotions that make our school truly extraordinary. With heartfelt warmth, Martine Brown Principal, infixEDU School